We come from industry. Our genetic make up is composed of pioneers in cross border travel leaders. We want to invite you to join us. Here is our promise: Every individual who contacts us will be welcomed with unrelenting hospitality and kindness. You are already part of our team. You just don't realize yet.


Jing Zhu
Founder, Managing Partner

Jing is the Founder and Chairperson of CHTA, which aims to cross over the Great Wall to connect East and West. CHTA's mission is to pioneer innovative best practices in the hospitality technology industry while investing in both the next generation of talented people and disruptive business platforms to make travel much more fun!

Jing has more than 10 years experience as the CEO of 3D Networks, a solution-focused hospitality tech business where she received numerous awards including Most Innovative Hospitality Leader in China. She was also recognized by HITEC/HFTP as one of the most outstanding women in the global hospitality technology field and, in 2019, received the field's highest recognition when she was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Matthew Keri

Matthew studied for his B.A. at Case Western Reserve University and for an M.U.P.D. at Cleveland State University. He has worked for non-profit, public, and private sector entities in the development field, and carries with him extensive experience in the creation and cultivation of public-private partnerships.


Nigel Mao

Nigel Mao has worked in the hospitality industry for more than 13 years. He is one of the pioneers of CHTA (China Hospitality Technology Alliance), the most influential technology association in China and across the Asia-Pacific region. Nigel oversees the growth of CHTA's core competencies including the definition, discovery, sourcing, and development of innovative technologies in order to improve experiences across the hospitality industry. Nigel earned his bachelor's degree in computer communication from Nanjing University of Post and Telecommunication in 1996.


James Sowers

James was named top 50 angel Investor, by He is an advisor to compound asset management,, sagewise and the Fabric Foundation James is a Mentor at CS359B at Stanford University Designing Decentralized Applications and a mentor at the Alchemist Accelerator. James believes in joining the best founders in projects that are creating the future as we know it

"The key to redefining a category is to see possibly where others don't. Talent is hitting a target no one else can hit. Genius is hitting a target no one else can see"

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Zeyu Wang
Partner, Silicon Valley

Zeyu Wang has been devoted to the field of technology for the past decade having a proven a track record of fund raising as well as deploying capital to companies in the field of biotech, security, artificial intelligence, etc. He went to Case Western Reserve University.