Our Portfolio

We are determined to solve the largest quantifiable problems today. Our portfolio is a reflection of that goal. 

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Zhui Yi

Zhuiyi Shenzhen Chaoyi Technology develops an artificial intelligence based chatbot for interactions between humans and enterprises. The company offers YiBot, which focuses on deep learning and natural language processing in customer service, big data analysis, and personalized services. The company caters to finance, Internet, tourism, retail, real estate, and education sectors. The company is based in Shenzhen, China.


Bon App

Bon App is Asia’s #1 bilingual social dining platform. We bring together friends old and new, over great food and drinks, and simplify life for event organizers. Through Bon App, like-minded people connect at restaurants to share good meals and good fun and attend events like a pre-brunch workout, a bike tour of hidden-gem food stands, or an exciting singles mixer at a hot restaurant.

Bon App also helps your discover 850,000 restaurants and bars in 13 cities, with bite-sized recommendations on the go, powered by a community of one million international and local foodies. Bon App is now live in 13 cities including Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, and Guangzhou, with growing communities in all our territories. 



Zifi Sense

ZifiSense is a telecommunications company that develops ZETA – a distributed, low-cost, low-power wide area network (LPWAN) that brings connected intelligence to things, anytime, anywhere.

The company took the large-scale industrial IoT a step further by providing a real two-way communication. It is the integrated design of ‘Mesh Access’ and ‘Virtual OFDMA’. It allows high data collection and extensive wireless sensors control by using a SINGLE ultra narrow band (UNB) channel, no matter whether it is in the busiest districts of the New York city, the Sahara Desert or the Britain’s historic market town.



HYP3R is an award-winning location-based marketing platform that unlocks powerful geosocial data. We enable forward-thinking marketers to analyze consumer and competitive behavior on-location, engage customers in a delightful way, and build an actionable CRM to acquire high-value customers more efficiently. Headquartered in San Francisco, HYP3R partners with the world’s leading brands across hospitality, travel, fitness and more. 

At HYP3R, we help businesses deliver marketing that consumers welcome. Geosocial marketing📍provides more context, relevance and insight to transform the way you understand, delight and acquire your customers.