New Modalities of Thought

We'd like to offer these categories as a way to guide early stage entrepreneurs. Often, the success of their businesses is very dependent on how we come up with solutions to the many problems around us. 


Blockchain Applications

Can we use distributed ledgers to safe guard how we store our inventory? 

Travel Agencies are issuing airlines tickets through Global Distribution Systems (GDS), namely Sabre, Amadeus and Travelport. The Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP), or Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) in the US, is an essential piece to allow accounting and financial processes between the involved parties. 

Global Distribution

We know distribution capabilities are old and inundated. Whats next? 

Independent travel agents, online agents, and travel agencies now use increasingly more sophisticated GDS systems to search for the best available travel and accommodations and rates for their clients. Promotional messaging to agents through GDS cores like the most prominent airline national distribution systems (Amadeus, SABRE, Galileo, and Worldspan) alert agents to special rates, fares, and travel packages – an effective marketing tool for passing savings on to agents, and from agents to their customers. 


Safety and IoT 

How do we protect travelers and more importantly without invading their privacy?

Travel is one of the largest industries with a high level of competition, where customers expect innovation at affordable pricing. Owing to the pressure due to high competition and demand for better services at a cost-effective price, businesses from this industry have been the earliest movers with IoT.

Last Mile Mobility

The future of travel is slowly becoming last minute autonomy. The realization in the power of communities has made us realize that we need to invest in the way people get around.  

The lack of a real transition time from a B2B-heavy shipment system to a B2C-focused one is the biggest problem for cities. The sheer amount of package deliveries and the rising volume of delivery traffic overtook the development of the transport infrastructure. The infrastructure is already struggling to handle the amount – and the demand for package deliveries is only increasing.


Customer Loyalty

Can customers spend points cross border between different brands? Or better, yet, can they sell their rewards to other customers or to other brands? 

By inviting guests into your exclusive inner circle, you make them feel like an integral part of your brand. Current uses of blockchain in this aspect may give us a better way to keep track of our points the transactions that have taken place as well as a token which can be used to keep track of these series of transactions. 


Alternative Accomodations

Beyond the current bookable inventory can we turn unused real estate into better priced travel or higher quality stays? 

Given the massive number of bookings these platforms facilitate on a daily basis, there are relatively few instances where things have gone terribly wrong during a home stay. But when they do, those stories often go viral, and they only add to the valid concerns any traveler might have about staying in a stranger’s home versus a hotel.

Can we find a better way to host people with better standards at a lower price point?